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“Imen Siar is proof that greatness can be found in the most unlikely of places."

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“BLKBOK on theGrio - The Blackest Questions Podcast"

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“Wannabe!” Song Premiere"

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BLKBOK wearing glasses and shouting



is real



We are a modern record label that authentically tells stories of recording artists the rest of the music industry is afraid to.

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Led by music and culture marketing vets Benton James and Billy Mann as founding partners, icons+giants is an indie label committed to delivering innovative strategies to achieve outcomes for the artists, brands and corporate partners who connect with us. The team at icons+giants is committed to supporting all of our clients and projects by executing fresh, creative, detail-oriented strategies that deliver positive outcomes.

Keeping our hustle and devotion at the forefront, our company is home to both large artists and up-and-comers. The creative-centric focus on nurturing and guiding the careers of talent of all kinds: producers, songwriters, influencers and performers is at the heart of icon+giants.

Icons+giants is wired into the broader creative community and takes a more strategic and individualized approach to developing projects and campaigns than most large record companies. In an ever changing and tumultuous market, the focus on the artist, engagement, and impeccable art, is essential to both the short and long term success of every client, regardless of size.